Best of the West Movers offers professional packing as one of our residential moving services. You can rely on us to pack your belongings, but if you prefer, you can handle the work yourself.

Packing smart helps ensure that your moving day goes as smoothly as possible. Here, our expertly trained movers share their best advice on how to get the job done right.

Preparing for the Move

Before you start packing, you’ll need to get organized. The following tips hold true for any local Utah move:

  • Make reservations with your moving company and change your address at least a few weeks before the day you plan to move
  • Schedule cable, phone, and utility service transfers one or two weeks ahead of moving day
  • Get plenty of heavy-duty boxes – free boxes may be found at your local liquor store and cardboard recycling bins
  • Gather the packing materials you need, including tape, labels, and a permanent marker


How to Start Packing

First and foremost – don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. Aim to be done the night before moving day, using these tips to plan your approach:

  • Start a few weeks ahead of the move and pack up some of your belongings every day until the work is done
  • Begin packing out-of-season items and those in storage areas, such as your attic, basement, and closets
  • Pack your belongings on a room-by-room basis in order to keep everything organized
  • Make sure to pack breakable and non-breakable items in separate boxes to prevent damage


Labeling Your Boxes

Every box you pack should be firmly sealed and labeled. For the easiest time keeping track of what’s in each box, follow these tips:

  • Label boxes on their sides – not the tops – so that you can see the labels when the boxes are stacked
  • Use large print to mark boxes containing breakable items as “FRAGILE,” and draw arrows to indicate “THIS END UP”
  • Put a number on each box to ensure that none get lost in the shuffle on moving day
  • Use colored stickers on your boxes to indicate where they should be dropped off in your new Utah home


Packing Breakables

Many of your belongings are likely fragile. Packing breakables can be a daunting task, but these expert tips should help you keep them safe and secure for the move:

  • Wrap breakable items in tissue paper before packing
  • Use clean socks to pack glasses and stemware
  • Pack your plates vertically to prevent breakage
  • Fill every box completely, using  clothing, blankets or plastic bags as extra cushioning
Best of the West Movers Packing and Moving

Packing Electronics

If you still have the original packaging for your TV, computer, game consoles, and other electronics, use it. If not, our expert movers recommend the following:

  • Take photos of the connections before dismantling to ensure you can easily remember where the wires go
  • Use masking tape to secure and label the cables and wires
  • Use bubble wrap to protect your electronics and place them in sturdy, heavy-duty boxes
  • Seal the boxes securely and clearly mark them as “FRAGILE”


Expert Packing Tips

With our years of experience, Best of the West Movers has packing and moving down to a science. Below are a few of our best tips on how to pack smartly:

  • Pack the items you’ll need right away at your new Utah home – such as a box cutter, tools, and your phone charger — in a clear plastic bin
  • When dismantling furniture, place the hardware in a labeled zip-lock bag and tape the bag to the furniture
  • Use small boxes for books, and pack books on their sides, alternating between spine-up and spine-down
  • Pack hanging clothes on their hangers in drawstring garbage bags, and use vacuum seal bags for fluffy blankets, pillows, and extra clothing


What Not to Pack

Some of your belongings shouldn’t go into boxes to be loaded onto the moving truck. Here’s what our expert movers say not to pack:

  • Important documents, including birth certificates, Social Security cards, and property-related paperwork
  • The overnight essentials for each member of your family, just in case everyone is too tired to unpack on moving day
  • Food in glass jars and other perishables, as your moving company will likely be unwilling to transport those items
  • Gasoline, paint, firearms, ammunition, and other flammables or items that your moving company is not legally allowed to transport

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Professional Packing Services

Rather not tackle the packing on your own? Best of the West Movers can take on the task, and our professionally trained team knows how to take care of your treasured belongings. You can call on us to pack just a few rooms, or if you like, we can pack up your entire Utah house.

Our moving company offers expert service at an affordable rate, and we’d love to handle your Utah move. For details on our residential moving services – and to get a free estimate – contact us today.