Senior Moving Services

If you or a close loved one is a senior adult, you might be looking for a moving company that’s ready to assist you as you take this next step in life. Well, we’re happy to help! As one of the most trusted and affordable moving companies in the Northern Utah area, we’re ready to be of assistance however we can when moving our senior citizen clients. Between our attention to detail and our commitment to our customers, you can count on our team of professional movers to make any moving experience, including senior moves, an absolute pleasure.

Senior Downsizing and Moving Services

Something we see a lot with our senior clients is that not only are they moving, but they are also downsizing at the same time. That’s what makes us the right choice for your movers because we can help reduce and simplify your move for you. At Best of the West Movers, we have the equipment and knowledge to optimize your move, making moving day a stress-free experience.

Best of the West Movers Packing and Moving

Handling Your Things With Care

As your movers, we know how critical it is that your things are handled with care. We have a singular goal in mind as a team—to take good care of you and your things. That’s why along with our moving services, we offer packing services too. We’ll even bring all the materials you need to ensure everything is appropriately padded and secure. Our packing team will go above and beyond, making not only the packing a breeze, but with our organization and labeling system, unpacking will be simpler than ever before.

If you’re a senior or an older adult, there’s a chance that your house is also home to a lifetime full of memories and precious items that are near and dear to your heart. That is why we always encourage our senior clients to get a head start on their packing to determine the things they feel comfortable with us moving. While we promise to make sure to take extra good care of anything you trust us with, we want to make sure that your family heirlooms and precious items are kept even safer. So set aside the things you love most and consider asking a family member to store them or take them with you as you ride to your next home so you can keep a close eye on them

Best of the West Movers for a Senior Move

If you’re looking for an experienced and professional moving company to assist in moving for a senior or older adult, look no further than our reliable team. We have a team that is ready to take on your move providing exceptional service for an affordable price.

Located in Salt Lake City, we serve residents all over the state of Utah and move them wherever they are headed. Whether your move is local or across the country, we can get the job done! Contact us today for a free estimate and more information on our services.