Best of the West Movers – A Local Utah Moving Company

Since our founding in 2017, Best of the West Movers has been proudly offering local moving services to Utah residence. Over the years we have successfully help thousands of Utahans with their local moving needs. Here at Best of the West Movers, we classify a local move as a move job that is unloaded within 50 miles of its original destination. While many logistical elements of a local move are simpler than long distance jobs, local move jobs come with their own set of complications that can arise if preformed incorrectly.

Why Hire a Local Moving Company?

Moving is more complicated than you may think. It’s human nature to underestimate just how much work any particular project may be, and moving is no different. Most local move jobs take an experience crew, with a truck and all needed equipment, 5-6 hours to complete. Trying to embark on the task of moving yourself, with out a professional company, could easily take all day.

Hiring a professional company isn’t as expensive as you may think. When compared to driving to U-Haul/Penske to rent a truck, finding blankets and boxes off KSL/Facebook Marketplace, ordering shrink wrap and mattress covers off Amazon, and trying to call in enough “I owe you’s” from friends and family to help with labor, simply paying $95 for two movers and a 26′ truck is a bargain.

Professional local movers implement time tested moving tactics to get your local move job done safely and efficiently. While moving is not overly complex in nature, it does require a certain level of finesse and knowhow to get the job done correctly. Some pieces of furniture are large and cumbersome in nature, and require real moving skill to transport them safely. A local moving company such as Best of the West Movers has seen it all and we know how to properly handle whatever heavy furniture, or narrow staircase, that is thrown our way.

Help give back to your community. All employees at Best of the West Movers call Utah their home. Many of our movers are young college students attending UVU, USU, BYU, U of U, or WSU. Help stimulate your local economy by hiring a local moving company.

Why leave your move up to chance? Avoid all the unwanted stress and work that comes with moving to your new home by hiring a professional local moving company.

Trained Local Movers

Before becoming a mover at Best of the West Movers, candidates undergo an intense background check, a lengthy interview process, an on the job training period, and several moving basic skills pass off lists. Rest easy knowing the crew being sent to help with your local move job, is ready to tackle and challenge your particular move job has instore for them.

How Much Does a Local Move Job Cost?

Here at Best of the West Movers, we charge by the hour and several factors can influence the total duration of your move job:

  • The distance between the load and unload
  • The amount of furniture and boxes being transported
  • The walking distance to our truck
  • What type of move job is being preformed (home to home, apartment to apartment, home to storage, etc.)
  • The number of movers and trucks needed
  • Your level of preparation
  • How many items need to be disassembled

If you are interested in reducing the total cost of your move job, there are plenty of ways you can help the job the job get done quicker:

  • Disassemble and reassembled all needed items
  • Clearly label boxes and furniture
  • Be present during the unloading process
    • Help specify where items go in the new home
  • Transport the smaller items on your own
  • Bring all boxes to a centralized location such as the garage
  • Wrap all needed furniture

What Local Moving Company To Choose?

With countless moving companies out there how do you know what local moving company to hire?

We recommend starting with a company’s reviews. Do a quick Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau search. Read their reviews and get a feel for how this company handles business and treats their customers.

Make sure the company is legit. Unfortunately, the moving industry has a reputation for illegitimate startups. Ask if the company has a business license, a UDOT number, has their workers on payroll, is licensed and insured, and pays taxes.

Finally, make some phone calls. It’s amazing how much you can learn about a company from a simple phone call.

Pro tip: while it may be tempting to hire a large national company, local companies tend to be more affordable and their owners are more involved, resulting in a better all around moving process.

Once you’ve completed these steps, we hope you feel confident in trusting Best of the West Movers with your upcoming local move job.