Do I Really Need a Full-Service Moving Company?
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Do I Really Need a Full-Service Moving Company?

What happens when you decide to forgo using a full-service moving company in favor of your own muscle? You save some money! It seems like a great deal, right?

Not everyone needs a full-service moving company. The college kid who can fit everything he owns in the trunk of his sedan isn’t likely to need very much help hanging up his clothes in his dorm.

At what point does it become worth it? That answer depends on your personal preferences.

Yes, you are so ready to save on moving expenses. In fact, you’d almost rather build your own wagon and pull it from one home to another. Unfortunately, your partner convinces you this is impractical, and you are resigned to at least consider the option of renting some equipment.

Now you are ready to move everything into the truck, but can you do it alone? Who can come to help you? Did you start overestimating your youth when you first bent over to pick up a box of clothes?

What about moving your washer and dryer? Do you have a dolly? Or is this going to be yet another moving expense on your tab?

Everything becomes more complicated when you start to break down the moving process. There are events for which you didn’t plan. On top of this, once you start packing, you remember just how physically, and mentally exhausting moving is.

You should consider calling a professional mover when you’ve reached this point.

Hired Muscle – the benefits of professional movers

If you are like every other average person, you can probably count on one hand how many times you’ve had to move a dryer into or out of your home. It’s not an easy task.

Professional movers are especially good at moving large and bulky items. Why? Because they do it every single day. This experience can cut your overall move time down because the pros know where to start and the fastest and most efficient ways to accomplish a task.

Faster loading is good business all around! You will be paying less per hour of truck rental, and you will also be giving yourself more time to unpack and settle into your new home!

And what about moving equipment? Do you have access to a seemingly bottomless supply of moving blankets and saran wrap? Maybe something you never thought about was the need to protect your furniture from the hostile jostle of the moving trailer. 

Ensuring the security of your belongings while moving is a priority for professionals. Their experience gives professionals a good idea of how to secure which items in what way. Their expertise allows them to back up their business model with high-quality work delivered efficiently.

Moving insurance – safeguarding your possessions

What happens when something breaks?

Professionals who know their business guarantee their services at their expense. If there is an accident that ends with one of your bulky or heavy items being damaged or destroyed, professionals will help cover the cost of the damage.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for volunteer helpers and your family members, no matter how good their intentions are.

Less Moving Stress

On moving day, one could say you’re kind of between homes. You’re not really in either one despite owning or renting two living spaces at once. Compound this notion because you are responsible for packing all your belongings, organizing the movers, and could even be the one driving the moving truck.

When you hire professionals, you can cut your worries in half! If you don’t want to be the one driving a three-ton vehicle carrying all your memories and valuables, have an experienced person do it! There is no sense in stressing over things you shouldn’t. Just call in the cavalry!

Group effort implies the effort of gathering the group

When you are moving a small number of belongings from one apartment to another, you can likely move everything you need to on your own. If you have a bigger family and more than one or two rooms filled with your belongings, you will need more help.

Loading the truck may be easy; just get your neighbors out for one last hoorah. But do you know anyone in your new area enough to enlist help? Can you get enough people willing to drive to the next city, county or state to help you unload?

Hiring professionals can be an advantage when you need help moving over a distance. Sure, it is a bit extra money having a couple more people along to help you out, but support is guaranteed. Apart from scheduling out the correct days, there’s no need to muster more troops to the battle. You’ve got the pros!

Professional satisfaction

Can you imagine trying to move your late Grandma’s antique dresser out of the guest room downstairs with moving novices? You can also say goodbye to the dresser’s pristine condition.

The professionals will take care of the logistics of the oversized items you overlooked. Pros will get your furniture out of the house fast and efficiently, but they’ll also prepare it so that no damage occurs during transit. 

Your move will happen faster and your furniture and other belongings will be safer when making the transition between homes.

Best of The West Moving for an Affordable Move

How much is moving day going to cost you? Many places will charge you rates you haven’t seen since paying the realtor who sold your house! 

You aren’t looking for another debt source, just some help moving.

That’s where we come to the rescue. Best of the West Moving has the best rates out there! Our business model operates around efficiency and affordability. We want all our clients to feel safe and secure with our services. You could say we love giving all our clients a family discount with how affordable our services are!

Call us today for a free quote on how much stress we can save you in your upcoming move!

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