5 Professional Tips To Packing Fragile Items
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5 Professional Tips To Packing Fragile Items

When you’re packing fragile items for a move, you may be searching for some tips that can help you ensure their safety. 

Thankfully, we have put together our top five expert tips that you can use for a successful moving and packing experience.

1. Use Smaller Boxes

When you’re packing, it may be tempting to use larger boxes and stuff as much as you can into a single box. And while that may work for things like pillows and towels, it doesn’t work well for breakable or valuable things. Using a smaller box will allow the item to have enough room for proper padding, and it won’t break under the weight of other things. 

2. Don’t Be Shy with the Tape

When assembling your packing boxes, make sure to be thorough while taping the top and the bottom. When it comes to valuable items, you want to ensure that your package won’t break at the seams, so it’s worth it to use extra tape and time to give yourself the best chances of protecting your items. The Spruce highly recommends double taping the bottom flaps together and then taping along each of the seams.

3. Stuff Hollow Items 

When packing fragile items like vases and drinking glasses, padding both the outside and the inside will keep your items more stable and secure. You can use things like packing paper, old newspapers, or even extra dish towels. 

4. How to Properly Wrap Fragile Items 

You can go to your local hardware or storage store, where you can find glass packing kits, which consist of a sturdy box and inserts that allow you to separate glasses. You can also use these inserts to separate vases, glass bowls, and other breakable items. 

However, an excellent option for protecting your valuables is to wrap them in bubble wrap and pliable cardboard before putting them in the moving box for more oversized items. Here’s an easy guide for how you would do that: 

        1. Measure and cut enough cardboard and bubble wrap so that it will wrap around the outside of the item 
        2. Wrap the item in bubble wrap and secure it with tape 
        3. Wrap the bubble-wrapped item in cardboard and secure it tightly with tape
        4. Gently place the item in the moving box making sure to add enough padding between items 

5. Don’t Forget the Fragile Label

Last but not least, don’t forget to clearly label your boxes to indicate that they contain breakable items. While you might know which package contains fragile items, your movers will want to know what boxes should be packed first, last, and everything in between. Labeling boxes as “fragile” will help your movers determine which items must be handled with care. 

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