How to Create the Ultimate Moving and Packing Checklist?
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How to Create the Ultimate Moving and Packing Checklist

If you have a move on the horizon, creating a moving and packing checklist will relieve stress and help make your experience a breeze.

Much planning and preparation goes into moving, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Continue reading for our expert tips to a seamless move.

1. Create a Moving Binder

The first thing you should do when planning a move is to create a moving binder or folder. This will act as a gathering space for all important documents, your moving and packing checklist, receipts, appointment information, and more.

2. Start Collecting Moving Boxes and Other Packing Supplies

If you plan in advance, you shouldn’t have to spend too much money on moving supplies. Start collecting boxes a couple of months ahead of time, as well as items like bubble wrap, t-shirts, linens, tape, and scissors.

3. Arrange Moving Plans

To improve the efficiency of your move, it’s best to arrange your schedule at least 1-2 months in advance. Local moves can be accomplished in a day or two, but only if your schedule is clear. We recommend requesting time off from work on the day of your move. You might also want to request a few additional days off to dedicate to packing and house-cleaning.

You’ll also want to select a moving company and determine the services you want to add on. Full-service options include packing, disassembling furniture, transport, unpacking, and reassembling furniture.

If you need help from family and friends, be sure to give them enough notice to clear their calendar too.

4. Establish a Packing Strategy

The key to a stress-free packing experience is to create a strategy ahead of time. Start by taking a room-by-room inventory. This will help keep everything organized during transport and unpacking.

As you begin packing, take it one room at a time. Start with non-essential items that can be placed in storage until moving day. Label your boxes by using different colored stickers, markers, or tape for each room. Be sure to mark boxes that are fragile as well.

Packing offers an excellent opportunity to downsize and get rid of unwanted items. Sell or donate anything you no longer need to free up valuable space.

5. Change of Address

Between the hustle and bustle of moving, it’s easy to forget to notify everyone of your address change. To make it simpler, we’ve compiled a change of address checklist to cover your bases:

  • The post office
  • Government and tax agencies
  • Gas, electric, and any other utility companies
  • Phone, cable, and internet providers
  • Your employer
  • Your bank, credit card company, or any other financial agencies
  • Loan providers
  • Insurance providers
  • Subscription services
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Voter registration
  • DMV
  • Online shopping sites
  • Medical providers
  • Friends and family

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