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Debunking Moving Company Myths for Layton Residents

Like with any other extremely popular and widely-needed service, there have been some unfortunate areas of misinformation that have sprung up over the years with regard to professional movers and moving companies. Whether due to portrayal in popular culture like movies or other causes, there are several myths out there about local movers that simply don’t hold up to any kind of scrutiny, and it’s unfortunate when these make their way to everyday citizens and misinform them.

At Best of the West Movers, on top of offering high-quality local moving and long-distance moving services throughout Layton, Utah and other nearby areas, we’re also here to set the record straight on any curious information you may have heard about our industry. Here are three of the most common moving company myths we’ve heard over the years, plus the correct information on each of them.

They’ll Break My Items

One of the moving myths that we’re fairly confident was inspired by popular entertainment is the misconception that movers are careless grunts who will simply toss your boxes around willy-nilly and break all your delicate items. Every one of us has seen at least one movie where this is a running joke.

In reality, however, it’s a fairly ridiculous assumption. A reliable moving company like ours has numerous themes in place to ensure delicate items are carefully stored and transported, including asking you in advance to identify the most fragile items so we can take special care with them. Think about it: If we regularly broke client items during the course of a move, how would we ever maintain a business in today’s world of online reviews where reputation is so important? We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, and this means keeping all your items intact.

All Movers Are the Same

It’s easy to assume this, but it’s also not true. Moving companies have significant variation in terms of everything from pricing to exact services offered, the quality of services, availability, and most of all experience. It’s absolutely possible to hire inexperienced movers who will charge you too much and fail to bring you the needed level of service, which is why it’s important to check on areas like reputation and past success before hiring.

Friday Moving Day

Finally, a curious myth we’ve discovered from some clients is the idea that you should always target Friday for moving. The idea here is that moving on Friday allows you the weekend to unpack and organize things, and this isn’t even incorrect – it’s just that this is common knowledge, and a bunch of other people in your area who are moving have had the same thought. For this reason, many moving companies charge a premium for Friday moves, especially during the summer where moving is even more popular. You can still go this route if you desire, but be prepared to potentially pay just a bit more.

For more on debunking moving company myths, or to learn about any of our Layton moving services, speak to the staff at Best of the West Movers today.