What Can I Expect From a Full-Service Moving Company

What Can I Expect From a Full-Service Moving Company?

Are you thinking about moving soon? A full-service moving company can help lift unneeded stress off your shoulders and make your move easier. 

We understand how stressful a move can be, and when you’re relocating all your important belongings, you want to be sure that everything will be handled with care. If you’re unsure whether you should hire a moving company, keep reading to learn what to expect when you hire a moving company. 

Hiring a Full-Service Moving Company

If you’ve never hired a full-service company for moving, you might be wondering what “full-service” implies. When it comes to moving, full-service companies do it all. Here are the things you should expect from a moving company:

  • Packing

    Full-service movers will bring everything they could need for packing and moving your personal items. No need to buy boxes, tape, and bubble wrap; your movers have that covered. Your movers will show up at your door with supplies in hand, ready to pack up everything in your home. Moving companies train their employees to pack all your belongings safely and efficiently. No more spending the days and weeks before your move packing, unpacking, repacking and double-guessing yourself on whether or not your items are secure enough. 

  • Disassembling Furniture

    Big, bulky furniture can be challenging to break down and maneuver out of the home into a moving truck. But with a full-service moving company, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Your movers will take apart any furniture that can be broken down and load it into the moving truck for you. 

  • Transport

    Wherever you’re moving to, your movers will drive and deliver your belongings safe and sound. You’ll be given a delivery time for when your things will arrive, so the only thing you have to worry about is getting yourself there on time to sign for the delivery.

  • Unpacking and Reassembling Furniture

    HomeAdvisor warns that “you must be onsite to direct the operations,” but under your guidance, movers will make sure everything gets put in the right place and will get all your furniture set up for you. No need to take your time up by assembling bed frames and couches; leave that to your movers so you can focus on settling into your new home. 

Cost and Insurance 

You might be wondering how much this is all going to cost. With each moving company, the price differs since there are so many variables to consider. Whether your move requires extra storage and hoisting, or additional packing services, there are many things to consider. Make sure to tell your mover about any additional services or needs you require to get to the most accurate price estimate. 

Moving insurance is another factor to take into account when you’re preparing for your move. According to Consumer Affairs, you should purchase moving insurance if “you want to make sure your household items are covered in case of damage or loss.” There are multiple insurance types to consider, some that a moving company will cover and other third-party options. While purchasing insurance is entirely up to you, it is wise to do your research ahead of time to decide if and how much insurance is necessary for your move. 

Use Best of the West Movers For Your Next Move

Whether you’re moving across the country or across town, Best of the West Movers have you covered. As a full-service moving company that also provides other options, our moving services are catered directly to you. Located in Kaysville, Utah, we service all of Davis and Salt Lake County, Utah. We can even assist you with moving out of state if needed. Request a free estimate to get started on the easiest move you’ve ever experienced. 

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