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Moving Cost Variables: Packing, Access and Obstacles

If you’ve decided to hire movers for a relocation, first of all, congratulations – you’ve taken a step toward making your move simpler and easier. The single most common question we get from clients who have made this decision and moving forward from there: How much will my moving services cost?

At Best of the West Movers, we’re proud to provide the very best in residential moving services for local moves to any part of Utah. We take pride in our transparent, straightforward pricing structure that makes it easy for clients to understand exactly what they’re getting in exchange for their dollar. There are a few important variables that may impact the cost of your move – this two-part blog will go over each of them and what you should be prepared for.

Packing or Crating

When it comes down to it, the vast majority of what you’re paying for with a moving company is time and effort. And in cases where movers will also be asked to pack up or crate belongings within a given room or area, this time and effort level will go up – thus, your cost estimate will go up as well.

For those who are looking to save on moving costs, this is one of the simplest areas available. You can cut your costs significantly by pre-packing all your primary belongings; some homeowners go even further and disassemble large furniture pieces ahead of time, another theme that will often cut your cost. Finally, if there are precious items that require care while crating or packaging, handling these on your own might be the most cost-effective move – though our team is happy to take great care for such items within realistic expectations.

Stairs or Walking

Once again, it’s about time and effort here: If it takes a long time to get in and out of the living space, such as long staircases or a significant walkway, this will raise your costs. In certain cases where the distance from the moving truck to the entrance of the home is greater than 50 feet, for instance, there may be a long-carry fee included. While you can’t necessarily change the distance or any obstacles in the way like stairs, you can do your best to clear the walking area and keep it safe for movers.

Access to Dropoff Location

Down similar lines, is either residence – current or future – located in an area where large truck access is limited or nonexistent? In these case, the use of smaller vehicles to shuttle items may be required, and these will naturally come with some additional costs.

For more on the factors that influence moving costs, or to learn about any of our residential moving services, speak to the staff at Best of the West Movers today.

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