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Moving Cost Variables: Storage, Hoisting, Time of Year

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on the variables that are likely to impact the cost estimate for your next move. There are a few factors that play a role in how much a move will cost, from the kinds and sizes of items to the distance being covered and several others, and evaluating this ahead of time is important for many clients.

At Best of the West Movers, we’re happy to offer quality residential moving services to any area of Utah, featuring full-service relocation plus long-distance moving services for those moving out of state. What are some of the other variables that will help dictate your moving costs that you should be aware of headed into this situation? Here are some important areas to look at.

Storage Fees

In certain cases, some who are moving may need to store some or all of their belongings at the mover or carrier’s warehouse for a period of time. This most commonly happens for those who have recently bought a new home and are dealing with closing, inspection or related issues but are forced to move out of their previous location before this finalization is complete.

In these cases, you will generally be charged an additional storage fee for holding your items. This will depend on the items and the length of time required. Some moving services do not offer this program, in which case you will have to arrange off-site storage on your own.

Time of Year

You may also want to consider the time of year when it comes to moving costs, though obviously certain moves have to come in a given month and there won’t always be anything you can do about this. Typically, the late spring and summer periods are the busiest for moving companies, and it’s possible that not only will scheduling be a bit tougher during these months, but costs might be a little higher. If you’re moving between September and April, however, you might be able to find lower costs.

Hoisting Needs

If either your current property or your new one contains narrow hallways or doorways, there’s a chance certain items won’t fit through these. In these situations, the solution might be to bring in a rigger that will hoist these items up and into the areas they need to be via window access. This service will generally come with what’s known as a hoisting fee, especially if there are several major items that need to be entered into the new home in this manner.

For more on the variables that impact the cost of your move, or to learn about any of our moving services, speak to the staff at Best of the West Movers today.

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