Moving with Kids: How to Emotionally Prepare Them for Your Big Move
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Moving with Kids: How to Emotionally Prepare Them for Your Big Move

Moving with kids can be stressful for everyone involved, but if you’re prepared, you can help the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Just like adults, children have a hard time uprooting their lives. Change is hard, no matter the age; that’s why we’re sharing some of our best tips for helping your children emotionally prepare for a move to a new house. Keep reading to learn more.

Let Them Grieve

Leaving a home is a loss, and kids grieve this loss just as much as parents. It can be very difficult to leave friends, family members, a school, neighbors, or other places of familiarity. Allow them to sit in their sorrow and go through the grief process instead of forcing them to acclimate before they’re ready. Setting a positive example can go a long way with children, and your optimism will act as an anchor during this adjustment.

Prepare Them in Advance

Once you’ve decided to move, let your kids know about the news. Instead of causing them distress, this will give your children time to process the change and get the closure they need. You can make it easier on them by sharing a timeline for when you’ll start to pack, when your house will be put up for sale, where you’re moving, where their new school will be, or any other information of value.

Involve Them in Decisions

Moving with kids is more difficult if they feel like their voice isn’t important. To help them feel like they have some degree of control, let them make as many decisions as possible. For example, let them choose which toys they want to keep and give away. They could also pick the paint color and decorations for their new room. Some children might value helping you prepare the house for showings and helping you choose the new family that will move in.

Get Them Excited About New Opportunities

You can help your children be excited about a move by informing them about all the new opportunities they’ll soon have at their disposal. Tell them about their new school, the surrounding parks, extracurricular activities available, or other fun places you can visit together. After you make the move, utilize social media groups or neighborhood meetups to make connections with other parents and kids in the area.

Seek Therapy

If your child is having a difficult time with the idea of moving, taking them to a professional counselor can be very helpful. These individuals are trained to help kids navigate big transitions, such as a move. Even if you’re noticing struggles long after you move, therapy can be helpful at any time.

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