Should You Move From An Apartment To A House Here's How To Tell

Should You Move From An Apartment To A House? Here’s How To Tell

It’s no secret that moving from an apartment to a house is a big step in life, and it’s certainly an intimidating prospect. 

If you’ve thought it’s time for more space, you might be interested in some of the main reasons others are so motivated to get into a home. While only you can decide when you’re ready, let’s take a look at the signs that it might be time to move into a house. 

Your Family Is Growing

Whether your family is actively growing or you’re making plans to expand, it’s common for families to want to be in a house rather than a small apartment. Like Stephanie Vozza said for Opendoor, “A one-bedroom condo that’s the perfect place to start your adult life probably can’t handle the demands of life with kids.” And while a bigger, two or three-bedroom apartment is still an option, sometimes that just doesn’t cut it for an active and growing family, especially for a family with toddlers that love to run and play. A house provides more room both indoors and outdoors for your whole family to enjoy. 

You’re Looking for Outdoor Space 

While some apartment complexes have small playgrounds and dog parks, nothing beats the sanctuary of your very own backyard. Whether you’re looking for a place to grill and gather or for a nice grassy area for your furry friend, a backyard is a luxury that will not go unnoticed once you’re in a house. 

You Need More Storage Space

Who doesn’t love extra storage space? Potential homebuyers might be looking for more closet space, a garage, cold storage, attic storage, or even a shed in the backyard. All of these storage options suddenly become available to you when you upgrade from an apartment to a house. When you’re in an apartment, you might be compromising the number of seasonal decorations you can buy because there’s no place to store them for the rest of the year. Or maybe you just want to park your car in the garage, so you’re not scraping ice off of it in the winter. Whatever your motive is to get more storage space, moving to a house can resolve your storage woes. 

Your Lifestyle Has Calmed Down 

If you’re in a stable job and are looking to settle down, buying a house can help you feel more secure, especially if you’re ready to start building some equity. For couples and singles who like to travel and spend most of their time away from home during the day, maybe a house isn’t the right fit. But if you’re in a position where you’re not moving out of the town or state that you currently live in anytime soon, a house might be the ideal housing option for you.

You’re Ready for the Investment 

Buying and moving into a house is not a decision you make overnight. It takes a lot of planning, and more importantly, it takes a lot of saving. According to Money Under 30, “You’re looking at a 20% down payment. But coming up with 20% may be difficult for many first-time buyers, so mortgage lenders have options with down payments of 10%, 5%.” If you’ve been saving up for a down payment on a house and you’re ready to “bite the bullet,” there’s a house somewhere out there just waiting for you to make an offer. 

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