The Ultimate Checklist for the Night Before Your Move
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The Ultimate Checklist for the Night Before Your Move

The night before your move might come with a feeling that you’ve forgotten to take care of something crucial, so creating a checklist is essential.

A few days before your scheduled moving day is the time to compose a list of any remaining tasks you still need to accomplish. If you’re not sure what to include on this list, we’ve got you covered.

Continue reading for the ultimate checklist for the night before you move.

Contact Your Moving Company and Local Utility Services

Even though you’ve already made arrangements with your moving company of choice, it’s a good idea to get in touch with them the day before your move to confirm the specific timetable. Additionally, reach out to your local utility services if you haven’t already done so. You’ll need to arrange to have the gas, water, and electricity shut off once you’ve moved out. If you’re planning on transferring your utility services, now is the time to confirm that as well.

Finish All Packing

At this point, your packing should be done, so take this time to ensure you left nothing behind. These last items that you pack are usually your most essential items, so label the box with “open first” or something similar when you pack them up for good.

Prep Appliances

Ideally, you won’t be using your major appliances the night before your move, so use this as an opportunity to prepare them for the moving company. Unplug any appliances that will be coming with you, open your dishwasher and washing machine doors to prevent mold growth, defrost your freezer, and clean out all food from the refrigerator.

Disassemble Furniture

To help expedite your move tomorrow, take the time to disassemble any large furniture that won’t fit through the front door. If you believe this step is in your moving contract, confirm with your moving company when you contact them.

Let Your Neighbors Know

If you haven’t already informed your neighbors, be sure to let them know that a moving truck will be taking up road space in the morning. If you need to block anyone’s driveways or parking spaces, be mindful and consult them beforehand.

Fill Your Car Up with Gas

Even if your move is just around the corner, you’ll still want to prepare your car for the big day. If you’re using it for transport, make sure it’s cleaned out, the seats are folded down, and your gas tank is full. Stopping at the gas station is the last thing you’ll want to do during the hustle and bustle of move day.

Prepare a Snack Box

It’s easy to neglect food while taking care of a big move, so prepare a snack box the night before for nourishment. You can fill a cooler with cold beverages, high-protein snacks, and anything else you and your moving helpers will appreciate. Be sure to have enough on hand to cover the whole day.

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