Why Labeling Your Moving Boxes Is Important

Why Labeling Your Moving Boxes Is Important

We’ve all experienced the chaotic mess that often accompanies moving, and one easy way to resolve this is by labeling your moving boxes.

Moving can be quite stressful. There are so many necessary steps that it can be incredibly hard to keep everything straight. For this reason, it’s imperative to make a detailed plan well before the big day. Thoughtful organization is the key to making things operate as easily and painlessly as possible. Creating a clear plan will also help others see your vision and implement it to the best of their abilities.

One of our favorite ways to encourage thoughtful organization is to label your moving boxes. Here are some helpful tips to make this task worthwhile.

Color Coding

The first step of labeling your moving boxes is to create a color-coding system. Assign each room a color that will indicate where each box should go. When hauling your belongings into the new home, make a sign for each room in the coordinating color so that everyone knows where each box belongs. Here is an example of a color-coding system:

  • Red – Kitchen
  • Orange – Living and dining room
  • Yellow – Main Bathroom
  • Green – Master Bedroom
  • Blue – Master Bathroom
  • Purple – Kids Room
  • Pink – Guest Room

Once you have established your color key, make a guide for everyone helping with the move. As you label your boxes, be sure to label each side of the box with its corresponding color. Doing so will leave no doubt in your helpers’ minds as to where each box should go.

Numbering System

If a color-coding system is not your style, a simple numbering system can work just as effectively. The same rules apply in the numbering system as the color-coding system. Remember to clearly mark the number on the sides of each box and create a guide to the number system with plenty of copies to go around.


The supplies you use to label a box are just as crucial as the labeling itself. The most important tool to buy is high-quality markers. Most people try to save money while they move, which is a good thing, but we recommend putting a little bit more money towards a high-quality maker. A coding system is worthless if a color cannot be easily seen on a box. When purchasing markers, make sure they are waterproof. Inclement weather can happen, even out of the blue, so waterproof markers will help if precipitation rears its head.

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