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6 Tips to Get to Know Your New Neighbors

Getting to know your new neighbors is just one of the many challenges moving carries, but with a few simple tips, you’ll be making friends in no time.

Gaining a new circle of trusted neighbors and friends is exciting; however, if you’re more of an introvert, meeting new people can be hard. To help, we’ve compiled a list of our very best tips and tricks that will bring out your extroverted side. Follow along to learn more!


1. Smile and Wave

It sounds so simple that you might think we’re joking, but waving and smiling at your new neighbors is a friendly gesture that goes a long way. Meeting your neighbors doesn’t have to start with divulging your life story; displaying cheerfulness through a genuine wave shows that you’re excited to connect with them in the future.


2. Let Your Kids Lead the Way

If you have children, they can be the perfect icebreaker as you get to know your new neighbors. Kids are naturally friendly and endearing. As you take a stroll around your neighborhood, introduce yourself and your children to the new people you encounter. This will help you connect with other adults in the area and help your kids make friends too.


3. Spend Time Outdoors

If you never leave your house, you can’t expect to make very many connections in your new area. Spending some time outdoors shows your neighbors that you’re approachable. Take a walk, read a book on your front porch, or do some yard work to make yourself known.


4. Host a Casual Gathering

After you’ve unpacked and settled into your new home, host an informal get-together with a few neighbors to get to know them better. You can keep it small with a few drinks and appetizers or go bigger with a backyard barbeque; whatever fits your fancy. This is the perfect opportunity to turn neighborhood acquaintances into friends.


5. Drop Off a Gift

If starting up a conversation with new people is outside of your comfort zone, break the ice with a simple gift. A loaf of bread, cookies, or cupcakes are goodies that everyone loves and will appreciate. Dropping off a gift at your neighbors’ homes gives you an excuse to meet them and helps foster natural dialog.

6. Ask Questions

Everyone has been part of an awkward, one-sided conversation at some point. To display your friendliness, ask your neighbors questions as you communicate. Ask them about their hobbies, what they do for work, where the best pizza joint is, or the best dog park in the area. Asking questions can uncover a shared interest and get the conversation flowing.

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