Keep, Donate, Throw Away: How to Sort Your Belongings While Packing for a Move
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Keep, Donate, Throw Away: How to Sort Your Belongings While Packing for a Move

You never fully realize how much you’ve accumulated until you’re packing for a move, but we’re here to help you organize it all.

One way to start fresh in your new place is to minimize your belongings. It can be overwhelming to sort through years of memories and clutter, but decluttering is one of the very first steps you should take before packing. Only you can make the final call on what you keep, donate, or throw away, but read on for a few guidelines to help you get started.  

Plan Your Decluttering Strategy

You might have several months to prepare for a big move or just a few weeks; either way, you should start planning your strategy as early as possible. Give yourself enough time to organize, sort, and pack all of your belongings. As you plan, gather moving supplies and research places to donate your unwanted items.

Go From Room to Room

It’s essential to stay organized throughout the moving process regardless of your home’s size. One way to stay on top of everything is to tackle one room at a time. This will make it easier to assess your items and determine what makes the cut. As you begin packing for a move, start with non-essential items that can be placed in storage until moving day.

Assess Your Items

As you sort through your possessions, asking yourself a few simple questions can help you determine where they should end up:

  • Will I ever play this game or read that book again?
  • How long has it been since I’ve worn that outfit?
  • Do I have multiples of this item?
  • Is this something I use every day?
  • Are there memories attached to this?
  • How’s its condition?
  • Do I have something else that already serves this purpose?
  • Does this fit my current lifestyle?
  • Will it help me achieve my goals?

One of the reasons people get overwhelmed as they pack is because they don’t know where to start. Take each item, one by one, and ask some of these questions to determine its worth.

What to Keep, Donate, and Toss

Ultimately, you have power over what you decide to hold onto, but here are a few items we think are worth keeping:

  • Clothes that still fit and make you feel good
  • Items you use regularly
  • Anything with strong sentimental value
  • Holiday decorations
  • Sports or recreational equipment you use often
  • Furniture or decorative items that complement your style

On the other hand, here are some things you can discard:

  • Expired food, medication, or makeup
  • Worn or damaged clothing, sheets, towels, and pillows
  • Furniture that’s falling apart
  • Broken toys, electronics, or anything you can’t fix
  • Instruction manuals
  • Old bills, documents, and receipts

Finally, set aside the following items to donate:

  • Clothing and shoes that are in good shape
  • Books
  • Unopened, nonperishable food
  • Jewelry
  • Toys that still work and have all their parts
  • Sports equipment
  • Decorative items
  • Extra kitchen tools you no longer need

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