What You Should Wear on Moving Day

What You Should Wear on Moving Day

Staying safe is essential while relocating, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to be mindful of what you wear on moving day.

Moving is hard enough without wearing something that will irritate you all day. Instead of uncomfortable attire, it’s essential to plan an outfit that’s both functional and practical. Keep reading to learn more about the essentials of a moving day wardrobe.

Close-Toed Shoes

Uncomfortable shoes only exacerbate the chaos of moving. To avoid unforeseen mishaps, opt for comfortable close-toed shoes with anti-slip soles. You’re going to spend several hours on your feet, so elect for a pair of sneakers that can withstand the challenge.

Comfortable Pants

You can trust that your move will involve a lot of bending over and squatting down. Be prepared with a pair of pants that are flexible and breathable. Moving day is all about comfort, so leave your stiff jeans on the shelf for another occasion.

Breathable Tops

You should always dress in a breathable top while moving, no matter the time of year. This is a physically demanding job, so you want to prevent possible overheating or excessive sweating. If you’re moving during the winter, layers are a lifesaver. Wear a pullover hoodie or a zip-up jacket that you can easily remove once your blood gets flowing.

Sun Protection

You should always apply SPF before spending time outside, even if you’re moving during the winter. Although the sun might not feel as strong during the colder months, UV rays penetrate winter clouds. Winter conditions also remove sunscreen faster, so reapply your sun protection in the afternoon. We also recommend having a hat available because nothing is worse than a sunburned scalp.

What NOT to Wear on Moving Day

Now that we’ve discussed the ideal moving wardrobe, here are some critical articles to avoid:

  • Jewelry – A simple pair of stud earrings shouldn’t pose an issue, but wearing long or bulky jewelry is asking for trouble. These items can easily hook onto something and get damaged or scratch your skin.
  • Sandals – If you’re a compulsive sandal-wearer, moving day is one of the few times you should abandon your brand. Open-toed shoes are far too risky to wear while relocating. You might accidentally step on something sharp, drop something you’re carrying, or run into the corner of a box.
  • Baggy clothing – Baggy clothes are incredibly comfortable, but too much excess fabric can get in the way during the moving process. Select clothes that are flexible but not oversized.

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