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It’s Time to Stop Asking Your Friends to Help You Move

Although asking your friends to help you move might be tempting, hiring professional movers is always the more advantageous option.

Have you ever shown up to help someone move only to find that you’re the only one there? Suddenly a couple of hours of heavy lifting just turned into twelve, and you know you’re not getting more than a few slices of pizza in exchange.

The painful truth is that your loved ones probably don’t want to help you move. Instead of torturing your friends and family members with boxes upon boxes of your belongings, here’s why you should hire a professional moving company.


Good friends will be willing to help you out in a time of need, but make no mistake, they aren’t particularly excited about the idea. So much so that they might back out when the day actually rolls around. Moving is usually a time-sensitive endeavor so you need people you can depend on. A professional moving company is guaranteed to be on time, complete the job quickly, and not add any unnecessary stress to the day. They will let you know the exact time that they will arrive and take care of everything from start to finish.

Your Friends Aren’t Professionals

Although you might have a good time hanging out with your friends while moving, the lack of professionalism might lead to injuries and damaged belongings. Your loved ones also might be inclined to finish the job as quickly as possible instead of as carefully as possible. All of this adds up to an accident that’s just waiting to happen. Professional movers have the proper training to avoid common injuries and protect your precious possessions. You can trust that your tabletop will emerge unscathed and no mirrors will be shattered in the process. Plus, reputable movers are licensed and insured, and provide all of the necessary equipment to safely move your items.

Conflict Can Ensue

Asking your friends to help you move is guaranteed to result in some degree of conflict. Your friend might not show up, break your valuables, arrive late or leave early, or say no altogether. These points of frustration can cause bickering, passive-aggressive comments, and put your and your loved ones’ flaws on display. To avoid saying something you’ll later regret, skip asking your friends for help and hire a professional moving company to begin with. This will save you from the awkward apologizing that’s bound to come after your moving day.

Best of the West Movers Is Here for You

Asking your friends to help you move is a disaster in the making, so hire Best of the West Movers instead! We’re a full-service moving company that does everything from packing to long-distance relocations across the country. Plus, we do it all at an affordable rate that you’ll love.

We’re proud to serve local residents in Davis and Salt Lake County, Utah, including Layton, Bountiful, Kaysville, South Jordan, Murray, Herriman, and more! For your free estimate, contact us today!

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