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Why Fall Is the Most Flexible Time to Move

If you’re looking for the most flexible time to move into a new home, the climate, scenery, and idleness of fall make it a savvy choice.

While you’re busy enjoying football season and admiring fall leaves, autumn can also be an excellent time to move. Summer is generally the most popular time for relocating homes, but there are many benefits to waiting until fall. Keep reading to learn why!

Increased Flexibility

Most moves take place during the spring and summer months making fall the off-season for many moving companies. Moving in the fall gives you more flexibility because you can choose the timeframe that best works for you. More dates will be available, including those highly coveted weekend dates that book up quickly.

Lower Cost

Since the demand for moving services begins to decline in the fall, rates are often cheaper. Gas prices also begin to wane at this time of year, so you’ll save money on moving truck fees as well as your own travel. If you’re relocating beyond driving distances, cross-country flights tend to drop in price as the summer fades into fall. As costs are cut, you’ll be happy to funnel your money elsewhere.

School Is in Session

If you have children, you understand how difficult it can be to get anything done when they’re around, much less pull off an entire move. While school is in session, there is little to no interference from kids during the day so you can experience less stress as you pack, plan, and organize. You also won’t have to worry about organizing child care to get the job done.

Pleasant Climate

If you’re looking for the most flexible time to move in terms of the weather, fall can’t be beaten. The days might be getting shorter, but the climate becomes increasingly more pleasant. Unlike the extreme temperatures of winter and summer, fall’s cooler temperatures make the physical parts of moving a breeze. Even if you don’t intend on doing much of the heavy lifting, it will be easier to work more quickly and efficiently. You can also generally rely on the weather to cooperate during this time of year, so you won’t have to worry about rescheduling your plans at the last minute.

Stunning Scenery

In most parts of the country, fall showcases the most beautiful scenery of the year. This beauty can help you acclimate to your new home and city with ease. The fall colors will serve to make your home more attractive as well. Fall also ushers people outside as the weather cools off, so it will be easier to meet people and make friends in your new area.

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